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My first original collection is about to drop!

Welcome to my very first blog post! I am thrilled to introduce my first ever collection - "Thriving on the Spectrum!" Today I want to share with you why I have chosen autism as the theme for this collection and delve into the concepts of encouragement and empowerment.

Why Autism?

Autism is a subject that is close to my heart, and I have seen firsthand the incredible potential and resilience that individuals on the autism spectrum possess. I believe that it is important to spread awareness, understanding, and acceptance for neurodiversity, and through my first ever collection, I aim to celebrate the strengths and unique perspective that individuals on the spectrum bring to the world.


Encouragement plays a huge role in the journey of individuals with autism. It can make all the difference in helping them embrace their individuality, build confidence, and reach their full potential. By highlighting stories of triumph, showcasing inspirational individuals, and sharing resources and strategies for support, I hope to foster a sense of encouragement within the autism community and beyond. If you would like to contribute by sharing your story, please send a mail to If I am interested to tell your story, I will Definetely get back to you!


Empowering individuals on the autism spectrum is another core focus of my collection. It is my firm belief that with the right tools, resources, and guidance, individuals on the spectrum can confidently navigate through life and achieve their goals. Through insightful articles, practical tips, and empowering stories, I aspire to provide a platform that empowers individuals on the spectrum and equips them with the skills necessary to thrive confidently in all aspects of life.

With "Thriving on the Spectrum," I am embarking on a journey of sharing stories, insights, and resources to support individuals on the autism spectrum and their loved ones. My aim is to create a space where we can learn, grow, and celebrate the unique abilities and triumphs of those on the spectrum.

I am so excited to connect with you all and hear your stories, questions, and suggestions. Together, let's embrace the diversity of neurodiversity, encourage one another, and empower individuals on the autism spectrum to reach their full potential.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Stay tuned for upcoming blog post and product launches. Always be the first to know everything by subscribing to my newsletter. And I hope to see you here again soon! Now, go take a look at my shop, finally!

With love,

Sonja Silva

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